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karvex - huntard
05-10-2009, 03:52 AM
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karvex - huntard
Name: Karvex (nickname and other screen names- Exphius)
Race: Troll
Class: Hunter
Level: 65 (with 3 days played ><, prolly be 70 today)
Main spec: Bm
Vent: always

Current Guild: none
Previous Guilds: Zeksonic Legion and officer of Harmony Corruption
Raven Gaurd Sponsor : Annivus/Khalis, Seryian, Failzar.
MMO experience: Been playing wow for well over 3 years.

Age: 22
Location: Indiana
TimeZone: CST ( i believe)

MAIN GOAL: To kill as much alliance as i can...
Best in life is. GAY SEX!!! >Smile jk

I would like to join Ravengaurd for MANY reasons:
1. being all my ingame and irl friends happen to be in your teh leetness guild.
2. since i started my new account a couple days ago i havent been in a new guild since and no one to talk to ><(expect wispers n such)
3.I would like to be a part of something again.

I used to have a 80Paladin(ret/holy)70druid, 70 mage, with various other ults. But when my irl friends quit so did myself and i decided to sell my account a few months later. Sadly we all came back and im back to remaking my charcters again. Im not looking to raid or pvp with you as a guild (UNLESS u want to XD) since your not recruiting. i would just like to chill with you guys and play with my friends in the same guild.
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