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65 Leveling Priest
01-08-2011, 10:57 PM
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65 Leveling Priest
45 Disc Leveling
Name: Ekinstein
Race: Goblin
Class: Priest
Level: 46
Main Spec: Disc
Ventrilo installed: Yes

Current Guild: Da Carebears (random guild to get XP boost)
Previous Guilds: n/a
Raven Guard Sponsor: n/a
MMO Experience: 4 years of wow, diablo, etc.
Raid Experience: All of Lich King as resto shammy

Age: 19
Location: Tampa, FL
Timezone: EST

My goals in WoW:
To raid every week every week, get the best gear, do BG's for pvp OS, and have a badass arena team

What is best in life:
Just chillax and have some fun with music in the background. must have the good tunes

Why I wish to join Raven Guard:
Because it sounds mature, organized, and knows what it's doing.

I've leveled multiple toons and am new to the server hence the low level. I have all the experience you're looking for and will be up to raiding level in no time.
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