WoW Item Links

MyCode plugin for MyBB forum software

(See also: FF Item Links)

This plugin allows posts to contain MyCode that will automatically query and link to World of Warcraft items, complete with mouseover tooltips. Posts may specify items by item # or name and they will be transformed into links that are properly formatted and coloured.

I wrote this plugin because there was none that worked with Wowhead without manually having to look up the item URL and format the link in a post. I wanted a simple way to just insert a link without needing to do anything but type out the name.

Currently the plugin itself is English-only, but the plugin can be modified to query in a localized language so that you can have Russian item links and tooltips if you desire.

Posts containing [item]Helm of Domination[/item] would render it as [Helm of Domination]. This could also be inserted by [item]21460[/item] which is useful when items with similar names but different stats are needing to be linked.




  1. Upload wowitem.php to the inc/plugins directory of your MyBB installation.
  2. From the Admin panel, go to Configuration and then Plugins.
  3. Install and Activate the plugin.


The settings for the plugin can be found in the Board Settings group WoW Item Links.

Item Database
Choose a provider for item data. Currently supports only Wowhead.
Enable Cache
Allows you to store the data needed to generate the links in your forum database. If the provider goes down, your links will not be affected.
Cache Refresh
After this many minutes the cached data will be considered stale and the plugin will query the provider again. If set to 0 then the cached items will not be queried for again.

Further modifications (such as changing the MyCode tags that are parsed) can be done in the PHP code directly.


WoW Item Links is Copyright © 2009 Daniel Major and is distributed under the zlib license.

You are free to use and modify this software but if you make changes please let me know so that I may consider including them in the official release. Please do not redistribute your own version of this plugin, help the official one to improve instead.